Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SWTOR SAVIOR: Is this Star Wars the Old Republic Guide really Worth it?

  Basically if you are playing SWTOR, whether you are a Beginner or an old Pro I would suggest that you check this SWTOR SAVIOR Leveling Guide out. It will help you in so many facets of the game whether you are wanting to get to level 50 faster than your friends, level faster just so you can see more of Star Wars the Old Republic, collect the best gear which will in turn make you more powerful during game play.

Main Benefits of SWTOR SAVIOR GUIDE:

1. Level Faster (Get to Level 50 Fast)

2. Collect Gear faster (makes you much more powerful during game play)

3. Get Credits faster so you can buy the best items in the game

4. Free Guide Updates, SWTOR Savior is updated periodically and especially when there is a new patch you will get Free Updates (only guide on the market with free updates)

5. High Definition Videos to go along with written guides to help you better see what you need to do during gameplay

6. Player VS. Player strategies that will help you dominate in the part of the game.

7. SWTOR Savior is already updated for patch 1.2

8. This Guide also is the only one that offers a Community Forum that is Free to Join so you can ask questions and chat with other players of SWTOR.

  So back to the Question: Is this Star Wars the Old Republic Leveling Guide Worth it?

    No, Not if you want to level slowly and never see the whole game,
however if you want to totally Dominate SWTOR, see all the storylines
and get the best items in the game then you need to check out the full guide today.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: SWTOR Leveling Guide

First up let us have a look at where the guide can help you in the game. If you have just picked up a copy of Star Wars The Old Republic then you will know how long it takes to level up to 50!

Part of this is down to the way the game is structured, you have long cut scenes and a different storyline for each of the 8 playable classes in the game.

Then of course you have to bear in mind that those 8 classes will contain 2 advanced classes that you get to pick when you are level 10. So for instance if you are playing as a Sith Inquisitor at level 10 you will have to choose whether to be a commander of the force and go Sorcerer or if you fancy your hand with a double-bladed lightsaber you can go Assassin.

You have also got the other classes that split into two at level 10 and you should know your class because your set up in the game so far as builds and gear will be paramount if you want to level fast and dominate PVP…

Get the Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

So back to SWTOR Saviour – is it the best guide out there to help you not JUST level but DOMINATE with your chosen class?

Simply answer is YES!

We have tested this product and it gets a whopping 10 out of 10 from us!

The main reason is because of the daily updates, the comprehensive guides, the step by step leveling and the awesome builds for all aspects of the game!

Then when you throw in the fact that you have for a complete GTN and credit guide you have the ULTIMATE resource for SWTOR!

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is better rift or star wars the old republic?

I was thinking about getting rift or star wars which one should i get?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE


Personally like SWTOR better. But it does have a few minor bugs and no content once you get to level 50, but the bugs don't really impede game play and once you get one character to level 50, just start an alt and play them to level 50. I absolutely love the storyline, but I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Bioware is also putting out a game update and they're re-doing and adding a LOT of cool new features, I'm pretty psyched for it, but anyways... you have my opinion. :)

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

In star wars the old republic, what is more important to jedi sentinels, strength or endurance?

I barely do war zones, mostly pve leveling. which is more important?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE


Actually, the answer depends on what companion you prefer to use, or indeed what companions you've unlocked.

The meta aspect is simple - endurance means that you have more hit points. Strength means that you hit harder, so combat is shorter.

Personally, I try to balance the two. However, because of the amount of damage that is incurred on a regular basis, I prefer to go for damage over hit points. The reason is that while hit points is almost a smooth scale (my Powertech has about 12k hp with my regular buffs on), damage is dealt in packets. So damage is more "bursty" than hit points. Therefore, damage over hit points.

Star Wars:The Old Republic?

I'm an MMO'er used to play wow ( When it was good ) and rift etc.. but i just cant pull my self to try swtor? Is there any other ex WOW players that play it that can tell me about it a little? if it feels a good replacement to wow? because i've never got into another MMO since playing wow, but i just need that last push to make me try it?
Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE


It does feel like a good change. I thought RIFT felt like a good change, and think the interface is better than either of the other games. But WoW guildmates mostly didn't follow to RIFT.

But they've basically all taken a break from WoW to play SWTOR together. Like someone said, if you like Star Wars at all, the story lines for each of the classes are really fun, they take you through the leveling process, and I think you'd enjoy. I like the dark side/light side and other choices from the questgivers. It's definitely more demanding on your graphics card, though.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Star Wars: The Old Republic Questions?

Hello, so after long consideration, I've decided against WoW (smart choice) and am picking up Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow. I've looked up information on it today and my friend will be using the free 7 day trial code. But I have a few questions. Number one, is the first month free? Number 2, what is the story? (In detail) Number 3, are the raids and such, can I do story missions with my friends? And finally, I'm having the hardest time deciding, Jedi or Sith? I'd like you're personal opinions and expericance with Jedi and Sith if you could provide it.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

1. Yes it is free, but you have to sign up a credit or debit card to withdraw payment after te first month whether you intend to keep playing or not.
2. Each class has its own story that you can choose how it goes. So none specific to all classes. It is set in the past, before the movies.
3. Yes there are raids, make sure you join a good active guild with lots of lvl 50's in it. So long as you and your friend are both sith or Jedi. You can play together. Starting zones are separate if you roll different classes, ie smuggler and Jedi knight would start in different zones.
4. Depends if you like being a goody or a baddie. You get to be real mean if you play sith. I prefer Jedi though, I like feeling I am doing good.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Race to the ruins no companion? SWTOR?

HELP! Am doing the mission Race to the Ruins in Star Wars: The Old Republic

But my companion disappeared! (Kira Carsen). She just left me. there is no slot for her either to resummon her

how can i get my companion back?

Answer: press N for companion board to pop up then on the side of the companion will be a button to summon provided you are not in combat

Thinking of playing an MMO for the first time... Advice?

I'm not much of a gamer, but I've been wanting to for a while, since that's all my high school friends did. Just never had the time until now. The biggest reason is Star Wars: The Old Republic. I love the KOTOR games and I really want to play it. I'm just a little apprehensive, though, considering there seems to be so much involved in MMORPGs, with the jargon and strategies and what not... And the last thing I want to do is be an annoyance to people who don't suck. I suppose my real question is what is the best approach? Is there somewhere I should go to study up first or should I just man up, dive in, and be a noob for a while until I figure things out? Also, is SWTOR a good first MMO, or should I start elsewhere?

Answer: Any MMO is a good first MMO, but SWTOR is a real treat!

Don't worry about jargon or strategies, you will learn on the way, and besides, that is the fun part too!
All people suck at one time, again - you will learn the game, so no worries. The biggest annoyance are people who behave annoying, not those who have less skills than most.

You are definitely in for some fun!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

SWTOR, sith warrior question. Help me decide what class. ?

So I have a lvl 50 Sith Marauder and a lvl 35 sith Juggernaut. I don't know if I should just stick with my marauder or finish lvling and go full speed with my Jugg. I'm mainly PVP player, but I do like to get into pugs and do some PVE, I don't really tank (but I love the option to spec tank if I want) I will mainly go pVE DpS. Will the Jugg be viable in end game PVE dps? Because I think I like the Jugg alittle more, but I don't want people to not accept me in operations due to me being a Jugg DPS. Can you help me with pros and cons. Oh and I love the Juggs gear look at lvl 50 lol.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Well I haven't played either, but in the end I think you really need to make the decision yourself.

I would recommend levelling the Juggernaut for now, and hop onto your Marauder every day to do your PvP dailies. That way, you will still be getting PvP gear for the Marauder in case you decide you prefer it. On the other hand, dailies won't take you long, and really wouldn't slow down your leveling on the Juggernaut too harshly.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Swtor saber question?

can someone tell me what the most unique color is? i heard its purple, but i also heard you cant get it til a high(ish) level. i have a 21 sorc and a 20 jug, whats the hardest color saber to get for them?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: I believe the Purble Saber is the hardest one to receive in SWTOR.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Star wars the old republic (swtor computer game)?

okay i have a question about the game, in the game you save / heal yuon par (however you spell it) using ancient shielding technique it says it puts a toll on you and something about remember what happened to the last guy. my question is what are the consequences of using that technique to heal them? do you turn evil or something i cant find any info online or im just looking in the wrong places any help please ??

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

It seems to just be a bull crap story line "oh it weakens you" but has no effect on your stats or dmg or anything. Reason for it? Eh well they can't very well make you the only shitty class for 25ish levels of the game just cause of that when no other class has that.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

How to level up Armstech in SWTOR?

Mine is only 60 and I can't seem to raise it quickly at all. What is the best way to raise it?
Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Its easy to raise. Just build things then Reverse it. Eventually you buy new things to craft and make those.

If you need more help I suggest the Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is samuel L jackson in swtor?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: Yes Samual Jackson is in Star Wars the Old Republic!

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

SWTOR Dromund Kaas questions?

I have a few questions about Dromund Kaas.
What is the last level of this world for a Sith Inquisitor? (I just killed Skotia and am being send to a temple)
Is there any Mask drops on this world? (Like are there and creatures that drop masks if wo what creatures?)

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

For a Sith Inquisitor you'll get visited by the spirit of Lord Kallig on your ship. He'll send you to Korriban to retrieve his mask. This is an upgradable mask that you can mod. If you just want a regular head gear piece I believe you get one as a reward for the bomb disposal mission on Dromund Kaas. I think you also get one from a quest in the Dark Temple.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Where are the Nadu Seeds? SWTOR quest Prized Possessions?

I am looking for the Nadu seeds and can't seem to find them? The quest name is Prized Possessions.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: The Nadu seed seem to cause quite a few people problems. They are located in the back of the tractor in it’s scoop. You will have to clear a couple of guys in order to gather the nadu seeds
Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Where is my Spaceship Located in SWTOR? Republic and Empire.?

I am on the Republic side, however I am sure people will run into the same problem over on the Empire side. Don't ask why we can't find it, we all have legitimate reasons! How do I get to my SWTOR ship!!

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: Have you been told by your class' quest giver to find it? If not, then you don't have a ship yet.
If so, they tell you exactly where to go to get it the first time. All of my Republic characters were told to go to the hangar on coruscant.

If you are one that wants to spacebar through the convo's, fine, but know that you can read the convo or look at your map to find where to go for a quest.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Are there any under powered classes in SWTOR and what would be a good one for a beginner?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: All of the classes are pretty noob friendly. The more complex stuff is when you get into what role you will fill in the endgame. Tanking damage and healing is more diffucult than just straight up dealing damage, so if damage is what you want to do, choosing any class but Juggernaut and Guardian will get you to where you want to be.

As far as underpowered classes go, Sentinels and Marauders are pretty underpowered in PvP, but they do fine in PvE. Juggernauts and Guardians are alright tanks, but they should be fine after some threat tweaking.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

In SWTOR what crew skills do I need in order to craft lightsabers?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: You will need Artifice, Archaeology, and treasure hunting
also in the begining you will only be able to construct crystals and hilts for your lightsabers. Later on however once you max it out, you will be able to create fully contructed lightsabers (some of the best in the game)

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Bounty Hunter spec for PVP in SWTOR?

I just made a Bounty Hunter and I'd like to level this character properly. I'd like to do alot of damage, take alot of damage and be useful during PVP. I would like to know what you think is the best way to accomplish this. Keep in mind I'm very experienced in PVP, so learning and using these abilities won't be a problem.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE


It's hard to say for sure, since it depends on your style of play as well. Having a lot of experiance in PvP is great, it can be kind of like a game of chess, you need to think what you would do if you were your opponent, based on what they have odne. Anyways, this isn't sun tzu's the art of war lol.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Swtor should I make a jedi or sith? and should i go one lightsaber or 2?

I am looking for which has a better story line and more fun to play and please none of the choose what suits you or choose what you want to. If i knew what i wanted i wouldnt have made this question.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: The Sith has a better storyline for the first 10 levels, but the Jedi story begins to really pick up when you get to Corusant. 1 lightsaber makes you a tougher more defense oriented character, 2 lightsabers is more of a high damage offensive character. I found it easier to join teams with the 1 saber tank, and easier to solo with the 2 saber Jedi. Either one is fun though.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

How many characters can you make in SWTOR?

How many in game character can you make on one account and subscription?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: You can have up to Eight characters per server.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Inquisitor companion?

Ok I seem to be having problems getting social points with my companion. Every time I am talking tio some one and answer, he gives me negative points. I dont know what to answer to make him happy. Anyone else having problems with him. Am I doing it wrong or is he hard to please?

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Answer: A couple things to keep in mind here. First you can always exit a conversation and start over if you don't like the way things are going by pressing escape. Second, check the codex entry for your companions and see what motivates them, what they like and don't like. For Khem Val (I'm assuming you're talking about Khem) he likes when you show no weakness or cowardice. He wants you to be strong and devour the world.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

Can someone explain to me the story of Star Wars The Old Republic?

Answer: Okay with no spoilers... here is the basic premise of the game as your character starts:
Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

This is about 300 years after the Knights of the Old Republic games. Where Darth Revan (a jedi who fought against the Mandalorians and then turned to the dark side and became a Dark Lord of the Sith) trained/led an army of soldiers and force users, trained in the sith traditions, against the Republic. The games dealt with the results of this war, and had foreshadowing of the return of the true sith.

The ancient Sith Empire has returned (They were thought to have been destroyed long long before this, but a fragment of the Empire had been hiding on a remote planet and rebuilding.) and attacked the Republic in a massive battle and fought them to the point of a forced peace treaty between the two groups.

The Jedi are not in exile, they are still part of the Republic though they have had to move their training of new jedi knights and consulars to an older world that used to house one of the major jedi temples. The Sith have retaken Korriban and are using it as a training world for new sith warriors and inquisitors.

The game centers around your characters making decisions on how the results of this tentative peace effect you. Whether you act to protect the treaty or actively work to break it and return the galaxy to war. (And yes there are groups on boths sides, Republic and Empire, that are trying to restart the war.) And each class has a separate class story arc that starts at level one and goes all the way to the end game.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE