Friday, December 30, 2011

Can you Run/Sprint in - Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Is there a way to run/sprint in SWTOR? I have seen other players doing it just can't figure out how to do it myself.

Answer: You get the Sprint ability around level 14-15 or so.

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Is getting SWTOR worth it?

Is getting SWTOR worth it?

I enjoy wow, have played it for 4 years, but I was thinking about switching to do you think it's worth it? I am a big pvp fan by the way. Just a few questions : Does it have a monthly subscription? Does it have that addictive feel like WoW? Does it have a big player base? Do you think the game will last awhile? And will it have any expansons?

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Answer: The most important thing to consider when comparing the two, is - Is it worth your investment of time? There's nothing more frustrating than starting an MMO that will lose its player base. (I.E. Warhammer) or getting into an older dying MMO (like Eve Online).

WoW has a lot of polish under its belt. It basically made the industry for the general audience...whereas before there were games like Asheron's Call, Everquest, and Neverwinter that really only appealed to the Dungeons & Dragons generation. I was there for the WoW launch day and really enjoyed the experience of watching how the game changed over the years. It became too easy, but more accessible in my opinion.

SWTOR does not have the polish of a 7 year old game. However you will definitely notice that it has the perfect groundwork to pick up that polish. I haven't noticed anything in the game that will sabotage the game's future.

The controls and interface will feel familiar to you. Skill trees, inventory. PvP system. It's all there. They've taken everything good that Blizzard has done, incorporated it, and tried to make it better.
The class system will seem confusing to you at first, but will make sense after you play two or three days.

To answer your questions -

1. Monthly Subscription: Yes. 30 days come with the game after purchase. From there it costs $15 a month.

2. Is it addicting: Yes, very.

3. Does it have a big player base: All PvP servers have waiting times right now. Most servers have a "Heavy" population or are full at prime time.

4. Will it last awhile? Yes. There is a ton of content. Level cap is currently 50. There is already an in game tab for "Legendary" character progression & creation content that hasn't been released yet. The player base is barely into end game content yet. PvP reward system is fully implemented. There are six crafting professions, a ton of gathering professions, and some mission professions.

You get your own ship and crew!

The most engrossing feature is the quest system. No more straining your eyes reading text. All quest givers talk to you. You and your party members can interact in the same conversation. If you're familiar with Bioware games - your choices matter and affect alignment (think Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic, etc.).

Coming from someone who was bored of WoW before WoTLK even came out - this is the best MMO I've seen. (And I've been looking for a replacement for a long time).

Hope you get the game, spread the word, and good luck!

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How do i get a new lightsaber in SWTOR?

I accidently deleted my lightsaber through revearse engineering. Is there anyway to get a new regular lightsaber?

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Answer: You can get lightsabers just like any other weapon: through crafting, vendors, drops, and trading with other players. If you have no way to craft or buy (no commendations) a new lightsaber, your best bet would be to check the GTN for a lightsaber that you can use.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SWTOR Imperial Treatment of Aliens vs humans?

I beta tested the game, and noticed how the imperial npc's tended to be a bit more vicious with me as an alien bounty hunter. I assume that while they still aren't fond of bounty hunters, they wouldn't have been so harsh with a human, since there was dialogue specific to my being an alien. I like the different dialogue with the imperials, but want to be a human. Is there anyone who beta tested as a cyborg, and can tell me if treatment was any different by the NPCs?

Answer: In my experience of playing the Beta Version of SWOTR I did not feel there was any differance.

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Star wars the old republic: which class first?

With some lucky people, today will be the day they get to play swtor but for a lot of us we still have a few days to wait, so whilst we wait, which class are you guys/gals planning on playing first? i know already that everyone is going to try and rush to 50 asap, but not me, im going to take my time, enjoy the ride because we wont be seeing an expansion for a long while im guessing, so take your time all, enjoy it, so which class you guys gonna play first?

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me im going for smuggler or bounty hunter because i like the freedom, they are their own, they dont take orders like troopers and they dont have to bow down like slaves as the inquisitor does, at least at first.. so which class are you lot gonna play first and why??

Answer #1: First Sith Warrior and then ill do a smuggler. This is my first MMO so im taking my time with the game.

Answer #2: Bounty Hunter, Power Tech (tank spec). Why? I don't like playing heal spec but I'm used to tanking and I had no fun at all with the force users in the beta weekend and well... heavy armor ftw.

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Hey, I can't decide on what class to role for Sith. Is it true that 'stealth' is considered nooby and for people who are scared? I wanna be a boss in PvP. Please give me some class advice.

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If you are wanting PvP Sith, it really comes down to one of the following three: (Personal play style will depend which will fit you better. The other sith warrior class is good for withstanding the damage but lacks flexibility for PvP.)

Sith Warrior - Marauder ... twin sabers, good burst damage, minor fast stealth, reaching into melee super fast (jumps), a few minor stuns for locking the oponent down, and medium armor to give decent damage reduction. The way to be if you are into lightsaber duels, and cutting down your enemies in close.

Sith Inquisitor - assassin ... double bladed saber, good sustained dps/minor burst, fast movements and acrobatics to avoid damage, both ranged and close combat attacks (mainly close combat), good stuns, good stealth (means you pick your fights), life draining of enemies to heal in combat. The way to be if you like to move in and out striking and moving, taking out one after another whitling down their ranks.

Sith Inquisitor - sorceror ... Either as healer or ranged dps, single lightsaber, good ranged stuns, life draining and healing to keep yourself up, good ranged attacks, good aoe attacks. Downside light armor and limited melee combat moves. The way to be to support others in group PvP or just outright blast them into the ether with the power of the darkside.

And no stealth is for those who want to assassinate a target to make killing a group easier. (Take out the healer/weakest link and the rest fall much faster in PvP. Rarely do you get to have one on one in PvP, take any advantage you can .... cause they sure as heck will. I use stealth in PvP in several games and take out groups solo that way... And when you can take out a group of other players through tactics, that is anything but being a noob. The noob is the one who cannot play their own class and blames others for it.)

If you are not looking specifically at sith, you might consider bounty hunter for PvP... well played they can be a beast.

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How big is star wars the old republic download?

Answer: 25 Gigabytes.

Need a guild name for Star Wars the Old Republic?

I need guild name list of ideas for SWTOR, sort of serious/RP names. My friends are pretty freakin lazy when it comes to handling all that and I'm usually the one doing all the work.

Answers: Just come up with some unique and creative for your SWTOR Guild name here are a few ideas. Fury, Destruction, Blitz, Shadow, etc or find two good names and pin them together Shadows of Destruction, Force and Fury.

Can this laptop run Star Wars the Old Republic decently?

This is the laptop I have:

How well can it run Star Wars the Old Republic?

Answer: From looking at the Requirements for Star Wars the old Republic I do not think you will have any problems running it.

Who are the Sith masters in the trailers for the game: Star Wars The Old Republic?

What are the names of the 2 main siths in the star wars old republic trailers? The first two trailers bioware released had the same sith bad guy, and in the latest trailer it shows him fighting with his master. Also I'd love to know the names of the main jedi masters in these trailers as well?

Answer: The Sith in the "Hope" and "Deceived" trailer is Darth Malgus, a Sith Lord from the planet of Dromund Kaas. In the "Return" cinematic, it is Darth Malgus and his master, but I have yet to learn of his master's name, but he is a Pureblood Sith. Also, the Jedi Master (The Zabrak) has no name as far as I know, but his apprentice, the girl with the double-bladed saber is Satele Shan, the descendant of Bastilla Shan. She appears in the "Hope" trailer as well, fighting Malgus!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Class for star wars the old republic?

Im wondering if anyone has had access to the beta and would know what class (they think) is best. Im also going to be play through closely with 3 other friends if you know what class's would make a good group that would help too?


From looking at the Game Informer Magazine I am defenitley going to be a bounty hunter if I get the game. Second best would probably be Sith Inquisitor.

Star Wars: Old Republic multiplayer question?

Okay, so me and my older brother love star wars and want the new game for christmas. I was wondering that, if we both want to play at the same time, do we need to buy two discs or can we use one? All of our computers are connected wireless with one of those linkstation things if that helps.

Yep you will each have to have your own copies of Star Wars the Old Republic game to both be able to play at the same time.

Star Wars the Old Republic?

Are you anticipating SWTOR to be any good? I already pre-ordered the collectors excited!

I think Star Wars the Old Republic is going to be Awesome I to cannot wait for it to be released.

Star Wars the Old Republic Early Access question?

As you all know if you are reading this, early access starts tomorrow and I am very excited. I just wanted to know what day I should expect the invite to early access? I preordered the game 5 days after preordering started. So which day can I expect an invite? Thanks everyone.

Answer: I would guess it would be delevired on release day, thats they way they usually try to time these things.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Star wars the old republic Question (The Sith)?

I have watched a Beta intro for a Sith Empire character and have noticed something that seems confusing.. The Sith pure bloods see themselves above the human sith..But this makes little sense if u know the origins or the sith empire, I'll tell u quickly incase U dont know, The dark Jedi had been exiled to a planet called Korriban and took over the planets species known as the Sith race.. The sith treated these Dark Jedi as Gods and the Dark jedi proclaimed themselves Lords of the sith... If the game had followed true star wars lore, wouldnt the humans be more respected in the sith empire than the very sith race themselves?

Answer: You should also know that the sith all have the gift of the force no matter what. Humans do not. Seeing as how the humans use the "lord of the sith" title in such high regard a dark jedi that is a sith would only think that they are above a human sith.