Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SWTOR SAVIOR: Is this Star Wars the Old Republic Guide really Worth it?

  Basically if you are playing SWTOR, whether you are a Beginner or an old Pro I would suggest that you check this SWTOR SAVIOR Leveling Guide out. It will help you in so many facets of the game whether you are wanting to get to level 50 faster than your friends, level faster just so you can see more of Star Wars the Old Republic, collect the best gear which will in turn make you more powerful during game play.

Main Benefits of SWTOR SAVIOR GUIDE:

1. Level Faster (Get to Level 50 Fast)

2. Collect Gear faster (makes you much more powerful during game play)

3. Get Credits faster so you can buy the best items in the game

4. Free Guide Updates, SWTOR Savior is updated periodically and especially when there is a new patch you will get Free Updates (only guide on the market with free updates)

5. High Definition Videos to go along with written guides to help you better see what you need to do during gameplay

6. Player VS. Player strategies that will help you dominate in the part of the game.

7. SWTOR Savior is already updated for patch 1.2

8. This Guide also is the only one that offers a Community Forum that is Free to Join so you can ask questions and chat with other players of SWTOR.

  So back to the Question: Is this Star Wars the Old Republic Leveling Guide Worth it?

    No, Not if you want to level slowly and never see the whole game,
however if you want to totally Dominate SWTOR, see all the storylines
and get the best items in the game then you need to check out the full guide today.


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