Saturday, March 10, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Questions?

Hello, so after long consideration, I've decided against WoW (smart choice) and am picking up Star Wars: The Old Republic tomorrow. I've looked up information on it today and my friend will be using the free 7 day trial code. But I have a few questions. Number one, is the first month free? Number 2, what is the story? (In detail) Number 3, are the raids and such, can I do story missions with my friends? And finally, I'm having the hardest time deciding, Jedi or Sith? I'd like you're personal opinions and expericance with Jedi and Sith if you could provide it.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

1. Yes it is free, but you have to sign up a credit or debit card to withdraw payment after te first month whether you intend to keep playing or not.
2. Each class has its own story that you can choose how it goes. So none specific to all classes. It is set in the past, before the movies.
3. Yes there are raids, make sure you join a good active guild with lots of lvl 50's in it. So long as you and your friend are both sith or Jedi. You can play together. Starting zones are separate if you roll different classes, ie smuggler and Jedi knight would start in different zones.
4. Depends if you like being a goody or a baddie. You get to be real mean if you play sith. I prefer Jedi though, I like feeling I am doing good.

Star Wars the Old Republic LEVELING GUIDE

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