Saturday, March 10, 2012

In star wars the old republic, what is more important to jedi sentinels, strength or endurance?

I barely do war zones, mostly pve leveling. which is more important?

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Actually, the answer depends on what companion you prefer to use, or indeed what companions you've unlocked.

The meta aspect is simple - endurance means that you have more hit points. Strength means that you hit harder, so combat is shorter.

Personally, I try to balance the two. However, because of the amount of damage that is incurred on a regular basis, I prefer to go for damage over hit points. The reason is that while hit points is almost a smooth scale (my Powertech has about 12k hp with my regular buffs on), damage is dealt in packets. So damage is more "bursty" than hit points. Therefore, damage over hit points.

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